Some best practices for your hotel website

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In this cutting edge competition, hotels are not leaving any scope to lose business opportunities. Web presence, online booking engine, social media marketing etc. nowadays become basic tools for hotels to do online marketing. One of the prominent web marketing strategies to promote hotel websites on internet is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Here are some of the best tips for your hotel website’s SEO.

SEO is essential and becomes more content oriented in nature, especially after Google Panda updates (Panda 3.9 just launched). Hotel companies are also challenged to keep their website up to date and enriched with meaningful contents. Few best practices can improve the overall ranking of the website in the search engine results.

Website Structure: The most important part of website is its structure. The structure should be modular, logical and user friendly. Hotel offerings, services and amenity sections should be well defined. A well-structured website gets a higher ranking in search engine results than an unstructured website. Example: Charing Cross hotel, London

Content Engagement: While developing content, it should be kept in mind that hotel industry related keywords like – hotels, guestrooms, meeting rooms etc. should be added in effectively. Content should be fresh and should generate interest about your hotel’s services. A dead content which fails to grab attention of viewers or copied from other websites, will not help in SEO.  

Mobile SEO: The website should be mobile devices friendly, easy to navigate and enrich with quality content. According to the Google Panda algorithm updates, Google will rank up those mobile websites with a rich visual and textual content.

Hotel Blog:  After every few days adding new content to the hotel website can be a cumbersome task.   Through blogs hotel can add new and interesting contents to their website. A blog should include new offerings, events, and advancements about the hotel so that viewers should follow it. Also, blogs can be added in social media pages to increase the visibility of the hotel. Example: Marriott rewards insiders

Inbound linking and citation strategy: It is always better to link the most valuable pages with other website pages, press releases, editorials and blogs. This practice helps in registering more clicks to those valuable web pages. The organic links with relevant anchor text will help in improving the hotel website’s performance in search engine rankings.  

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